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If you are on this page, it means you want to book a one-to-one online lesson with a French speaker.

Learning French is like any other language: practice makes perfect. Immerse yourself in the language and build your confidence!

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Here you will find all the information you need to know before you decide to book a lesson:

About the Teacher

Hello, my name is Perle, I am the founder of!

I was born and raised in the South of France and for my Master’s in International Trade and Languages I traveled to several countries and studied various languages. Among other countries, I went to the USA, Spain, and Japan. Since 2015, I have been a translator and online teacher.  I am fluent in English and can speak proficiently Spanish and a little bit of Japanese. Interacting with people from all around the world and learning about their culture is something I really enjoy doing.

Teaching French and talking about French culture is my passion. Thanks to my job, I understand very well the difficulty in learning a new language and I will give you all my tips and tricks to help you learn, remember, and keep on improving your skills in French. I am very friendly, patient, and open-minded so there is no need to worry about our first interaction!

My Teaching Material

You don’t need to buy anything for the lesson. I will provide you with all the material that you need. However, if you are using our lesson as a complement to your high school, private school, or university classes, it is completely possible to work with your own material, just let me know ahead of time.

Important note: my lessons are mostly geared for teenagers (16 and above) and adults. As such, I might lack certain books or resources that would be better suited for young children.

Here is a list of the material I have for complete beginners to upper advanced students:

🔸 Grammar lessons

🔹 Vocabulary lessons

🔸 Spelling and phonetics lessons

🔹 DELF, DALF & TEF preparation lessons and mock-up exams

🔸 Business lessons

The material comes in the following formats:

🎬 Text, audio, image, and video files

📰 Articles and news

✅ Test templates and examples

✍️ Homework Assignments

My Lessons & Teaching Style

You can choose ahead of time what type of lessons you want to have:

Trial Lesson* 

This 30-minute lesson will allow us to get to know each other, to discuss in detail your objectives in order to elaborate a study plan, to evaluate your level in French, and start a first French lesson.

General Learning

What is the trick to know when to use “il est” or “c’est”? What is the difference between “amener” and “emmener”? I will assess your strengths and weaknesses and we will work on your pronunciation and syntax. This type of lesson is the most well-rounded. We will study everything: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, and written expression.

French for Business

You will learn how to interact in a professional environment (how to make a professional phone call, how to write emails, talk to clients, etc.). I can also help you prepare for a specific meeting, a presentation, or work on technical French or industry-specific French.

Exam Preparation

You will prepare for the four communications skills tested on the exams: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. You will be tested throughout the classes with mockup exams to get used to the different exam formats: DELF, DALF, TEF, etc.

Preparation for a Trip to France

We will study the vocabulary necessary to get by in France at a café, a restaurant, the movie theater, the train station, etc. The objective is to be able to interact with French people using simple sentences and have a better understanding of French culture.

Guided Conversation

We talk about a specific topic chosen ahead of time (politics, ecology, technology, media, music, nutrition, travel, etc.)  You will have to contact the teacher at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson time and explain in detail the topic you want to talk about.

Free Conversation

We talk about a theme that YOU choose (you lead) and we will focus on your pronunciation and your use of French grammar. This lesson style means that the teacher is mostly here to correct you and provide a support role.

Reading and Comprehension Questions

These lessons allow you to work on your pronunciation and your vocabulary. The student and the teacher will choose together a book to read.

Note: no matter the lesson type you choose, you will receive a written correction of your mistakes and upon request, an audio file of the said correction. The lessons are dynamic and use a communicative approach, encouraging you to speak and live the language.

Communication Tools and Equipment Required to Book a Lesson

The main communication tool I use is Skype. Skype is free and allows chatting using text, voice, and video. I strongly recommend you download Skype and create an account before you book a lesson or, at least, way ahead of the lesson time. If getting a Skype account is not possible for you, please contact me ahead of time to figure out another way to have our online lesson.

To optimize your lesson experience, you will need an internet connection, a computer (that’s the best option since you will receive files during the lesson), a tablet or smartphone, and a headset or earphones. Smartphone earbuds with a microphone are also very effective.

What Should I Do If It Is My Very First Lesson

First of all, congratulations! You are making the first step to becoming fluent in French. For the first time, I advise you to book a 30 minute lesson. During this lesson, we will evaluate your level, discuss your objectives, come up with a study plan and, of course, speak French!

Lesson Policy

We wish to ensure that everyone has a positive experience connecting with the teachers or the other language learners. We believe that our users are respectful and considerate of each other and we want to encourage this behavior. Below is an explanation of some of the situations you may face.


If there is a problem with the lesson, we ask both students and teachers to provide evidence in the form of screenshots (showing any relevant information including time and date). This will help us resolve the issue faster. 


If a student is late, we require that the teacher be available to teach during the entire booked lesson time. However, teachers are not expected to make up lesson time lost due to student tardiness and are not required to continue the lesson beyond the official end time. 


We require teachers to connect with their students on the agreed communication platform before the lesson time. We also expect the students to answer the teacher and help them. For example, there can be confusion or miscommunication about emails or user IDs.  The student can help by sending the teacher a message through Skype. By connecting before the lesson, both teachers and students can avoid problems during the scheduled lesson time. 


🔹 If a student fails to attend a lesson, it is the teacher’s right to be paid in full. However, if the student had an accident or an emergency, the teacher can choose to allow the student to reschedule.

🔹 If the teacher is ill or has an accident, he will notify the student as soon as possible and cancel the lesson. The student will therefore be fully refunded. To ensure optimal quality of lessons, we automatically cancel lessons when the teacher is ill. The teacher will contact the student at a later time to arrange another date for the lesson.

Good Manners

We expect all learners to behave in the best manner possible. We do not tolerate any insult or violent language in the discussion forum.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy


🔹 More than 48 hours before the lesson start time: rescheduling of confirmed lessons is only possible if both the student and the teacher agree (this must be done via the Skype chat).

🔹 Less than 24 hours before the lesson start time: scheduling a lesson makes that time completely closed to the other students. If the student has not warned the teacher more than 48 hours before the lesson time or does not have a good reason for rescheduling, the student will be charged for the full lesson price.


🔹 More than 48 hours before the lesson start time: Cancellation is only possible if both the student and the teacher agree.

🔹 Less than 24 hours before the lesson start time: canceling a lesson makes the lesson completely closed to the other students. If the student has not warned the teacher more than 48 hours before the lesson time or does not have a good reason for canceling, the student will be charged for the full lesson price.

Lesson Price

The lessons are currently at a price of:

If you have other questions that this page did not answer, please contact us at Otherwise, feel free to book a lesson now!


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